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Best Personal Academic Websites Contest 2022

Mahmoud Ahmed

Postdoc - Biomedicine

Gyeongsang National University

Guy Cameron

PhD, Bbiomedsci(hons)

Wollotuka Institute, the University of Newcastle

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Vincent Roy-Di Piazza

Early Modern Historian

Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society | History Faculty | University of Oxford

Dr. Melissa Vasi FRSA

Senior Lecturer in Open Innovation and Strategic Management

Longford International College

Fabio Mologni (He/Him/Lui)

Post-doctoral Fellow

University of British Columbia

Salah Eddine El Herrag

Ph.D. student in Cell Biology and Pathology

Djillali Liabes University

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Charly Leblanc Webpage

PhD in Physics - Condensed Matter

Quantum Optoelectronics and Nanophotonics. University Clermont Auvergne - CNRS

Mari-Liis Korkus

PhD student in Linguistics

University of Tartu

Ralph Redden

University of Alberta

Colin Whaley, MSc

Medical Student, McMaster University

McMaster University

Rashid Ahmed Rifat

Engineer & Researcher

University of South-Eastern Norway

Natalie Danner, Ph.D.

Montessorian. Teacher Educator. Inclusion Advocate.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Clara Stein

PhD researcher

University College Dublin

Wu, Taotao Ph.D.

A mixed breed of biomechanics and neuroscience


Isabel García Valdivia

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Population Studies and Training Center

Brown University

Sophia Abbot

Ph.D. student

George Mason University

Paula Smith-Hawkins, Ph.D.

Higher Education Consultant & Instructional Designer

Jessica Deters

Assistant Professor of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Dr. Allison Harbin

Writer, Researcher, and Educational Activist

Laura Iesue

Assistant Professor

Sam Houston State University