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Best Personal Academic Websites Contest 2022


Understanding the networked brain through its injury

Vincent Roy-Di Piazza

Early Modern Historian

Ralph Redden

University of Alberta

Charly Leblanc Webpage

PhD in Physics - Condensed Matter


Colin Whaley, MSc

Medical Student, McMaster University

McMaster University

Guy Cameron

PhD, Bbiomedsci(hons)

Wollotuka Institute, the University of Newcastle

Rashid Ahmed Rifat

Engineer & Researcher

University of South-Eastern Norway

Mari-Liis Korkus

PhD student in Linguistics

University of Tartu

Mahmoud Ahmed

Postdoc - Cancer Genomics

The Institute of Cancer Research

Salah Eddine El Herrag

Ph.D. student in Cell Biology and Pathology

Djillali Liabes University

Fabio Mologni (He/Him/Lui)

Post-doctoral Fellow

University of British Columbia

Dr. Melissa Vasi FRSA

Senior Lecturer in Open Innovation and Strategic Management

Longford International College

Natalie Danner, Ph.D.

Montessorian. Teacher Educator. Inclusion Advocate.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Clara Stein

PhD researcher

University College Dublin

Isabel García Valdivia

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Population Studies and Training Center

Brown University

Sophia Abbot

Ph.D. student

George Mason University

Paula Smith-Hawkins, Ph.D.

Higher Education Consultant & Instructional Designer

Jessica Deters

Assistant Professor of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Dr. Allison Harbin

Writer, Researcher, and Educational Activist

Laura Iesue

Assistant Professor

Sam Houston State University

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