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Micol Matilde Morellini

DPhil (PhD) Candidate in Sociology and Demography

University of Oxford

Christos Gkoumas

XR Researcher & Developer | Cognitive Neuroscientist | Technologist

Dr. Mayuri P. V.

Indian Institute of Science

Angela Y. Chang, ScD

Assistant Professor and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at University of Southern Denmark

Kevin Frazier

Clerk, MT Sup. Ct. | Asst. Prof., Crump College of Law at St. Thomas University (AY 2023)

Andrea Bacilieri

Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Leah Brown, MLIS

Ph.D. Student, Insight Lab

Western University

Floris Winckel

PhD Student, History of Science

Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

Nancy A. Carman

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dr. Giovanni Rolla


Federal University of Bahia

Sarah A. Miller

Academic. Consultant. Author.

Yasir Elfatih Abdelrahim Elsanousi

Clinician, Academic, Researcher, Peer-reviewer

Joud S. Roufael, MPH

Ph.D. Candidate | Researcher | Instructor

Kent State University

Magdalena Marganska

University of Regensburg


The website builder for academics

Jeet Chakraborty

A Jack of Photochemistry, Electrochemistry, Porous Materials, and Catalysis

Universiteit Gent

Ian Li, PhD

Creator of Owlstown

Can Berk Saner

PhD Candidate

National University of Singapore

James Wages, Ph.D.

Psychological Scientist

University of Central Arkansas

Kseniya Katsman

Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Student

Fordham University

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