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Lab Websites

Risk and Decision Making Lab

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University


Antiracism, Resistance, Identity, Socialization, and Equity Lab

Purdue University

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Gender, Race, Oppression, and Wellbeing Lab

Coming to Bryn Mawr College's Psychology Department in August 2023

aiMH Lab

applied informatics for Mental Health


Toyooka Lab

Home for Neurodevelopment

Drexel University College of Medicine

MR Biophysics Lab

Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center

University at Buffalo

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Helen E. Collins Laboratory

Investigating Mechanisms Underlying Female Cardiovascular Resilience and Health

University of Louisville

Lulla Lab

University of Cambridge

The Lover Lab at UMass-Amherst

Infectious Disease Epidemiology



Lightweight Structures Dynamics Group

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Leinwand Lab

at George Washington University

George Washington University

Alabady Lab, UGA, Gregoria, USA

Research Faculty, Scientist and Director

University of Georgia Athens


Engineered Medical Responses

Oak Ridge National Lab & the University of Tennessee


Personal Data and Empowerment Lab

University of Utah

Photoactive Materials and Devices Lab

Gravé Research Group

Ben Gurion University (BGU)


Pathophysiology of Ion Channels

Charles University - Third Faculty of Medicine

Prof. H. N. Gopi Group

Department of Chemistry, IISER Pune

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune

Tran Laboratory

University of California, Los Angeles

Cardiac Structure and Function Laboratory

University of Louisville

Jason P. Mooney


Institute for Immunology and Infection Research